Program Structure

Cohort spans across four sessions on alternate weekends.The online community comes together for meetups, discussions and bonding events on alternate weekends, however the unschooling shall proceed at your own pace in your own time throughout the week.

Every cohort session is theme based ranging from hacking together to pair programming, sharing knowledge to community bonding. Stay tuned for the Cohort details as the date approaches. 

For now, follow these steps to get started for Unschool:

1. Define your curriculum: The cohort goes on for two months. Every member puts some timelines for oneself on what the member wants to do in this period. Be as detailed as possible. E.g: If I want to learn ML, I'll divide the entire duration into weeks, add the links to courses/books I'd want to cover, or project I'd want to make, and add an estimate of the time duration for it. Nothing is less/more, it's up to you and how much you can manage to learn in the coming months. Once done you share your unschooling plan with the community.


2. Share your progress: As you make progress on your todo list, share it with the community. It can be as easy as "Completed this video today, feeling inspired" or anything, the main point is sharing your progress. It'll help in accountability, inspiring, and getting inspired.



3. Share your knowledge: Every member has to take a session for the community, where the member will explain something which they are good at. The videos will be recorded and made available. You can also write a blog post and share it!

4. Tech for ME: Every member has to complete a "tech for me" project. What's that? Use technology, whatever you are learning to solve an issue in your real life. Examples include, if you are distracted by the YouTube recommendations, you can create a JavaScript plugin to make them disappear from the view and just let the main video play! Another example can be if you need to type a lot while chatting to a lot of people, automate your chats! It can be anything. Best projects will get a chance to be featured on our website and in our networks.

Any queries, concerns, suggestion? Would love to hear back, let's get in touch through "Let's Collaborate!" page of this Website.

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