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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Technology is magical, it's like a power which you can use to create things, convert an abstract idea in your brain to reality.

But as we get engrossed in our daily work or studies, we often end up with a backlog of things that we have been wanting to learn but couldn't get a a chance to.

Unschool by Digitised is your catalyst in this process!

At Unschool, we believe in non-conventional ways of learning, through day long hacking, discussions and intellectual engagements.

It is a cohort for like minded people to come together and hack on weekends.

Every cohort has a fixed batch capacity. It includes 4 sessions and happens on every alternate weekend, where tech enthusiasts from all over the world can join, discuss and study exciting tech topics. 

Why would you want to join it?

The reason is yours to choose.

Maybe you are just a university student trying to learn new things or maybe you are an amazing developer who is looking to gain expertise on unknown subjects or maybe you miss the magic of creating anything and everything that comes to your mind. 

Whatever the reason be, the cohort offers a chance to ignite back the magic and get the techno-creative juices flowing!

It's voluntary.

It's free.

It's NOT meant for career building or any other similar profit based endeavours. No certificates, no degrees, no referrals.

It's just a bunch of hackers coming together on weekends to hack software/hardware stuff and have fun and gain knowledge in the process.

So, if the above lines relate to you, check out more details here: https://www.digitised.in/blank

Fill in the form and let me know you are interested.

Also, feel free to forward it to anyone whom you think might be interested!

See you on the internet!


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