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A forum to analyse how technology is shaping human lives

Digitised is a platform to raise concerns, debates and mind-bending discussions about the various ways technology influences different spheres of human lives. They range from attention economy, tech addictions, misinformation, digital privacy, ethics, design choices, digital laws, and liberties. We intend to spread awareness about the very nature of present technology amongst common users so that they understand the cons, pros. and different notions associated with it. We look forward to engage people from different disciplines including technology, art, psychology, law, medicine etc to come together, talk and try to find innovative solutions for the challenges that lie at the intersection of technology and society.


Making A Difference

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A woman asks a question of the CEO, Celebrating Women's Day, women who work in high tech, many from
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One Step at a Time

These are small fun meet ups that we love conducting. We disconnect, drop our devices in a box and engage in real conservations and activities with fellow humans. Open to all.


One platform for diverse voices

This is to engage all the intellectual gurus across different disciplines to come together, talk and contemplate on different challenges that technology presents before us today.


Engaging experiences to simplify tech for layman

We offer curated workshops to address different modern day lifestyle issues. 
- Digital detox
- Tech Addiction
- Real social media


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